The Ingredients

I really want to know where my food has come from, and more and more people seem to feel the same way. The majority of the ingredients I source are local, by that I mean from local gardeners, allotment holders, organic farms, hedgerows surrounding our familys land and, with permission, farmland, all within a 25 mile radius of my home and kitchen.

Kates Kitchen Ingredients

In the early days before I started to sell my wares my preserves were exclusively made with foraged and scrumped ingredients, now some incorporate one or two foraged ingredients and some have none at all but they are made with lots of passion and locally sourced ingredients where possible. I tend to make preserves which myself, my family and friends really enjoy which includes produce that simply can't be foraged for such as my mums favourite Seville Orange Marmalade. As oranges don't grow locally I buy these and similar ingredients from local suppliers such as Carricks of Snape or Neeps and Tatties of Richmond and if I have to buy fruits and vegetables elsewhere I try to buy as much British produce as possible. If it's not local or British i'll let you know on the jar. And because I cook in small batches and it’s just me making the preserves, I can tell you exactly where every ingredient has come from.  I also operate and exchange programme so if you have an abundance of apples or rhubarb for example growing in your garden or your hedges are full of crab apples i'll come and pick them in exchange for a jar of jam or chutney of your choice. 

Because of my ‘seasonality’ ethos many of my products are limited to the seasons in which the fruit or vegetables are dictated by. This means my Gooseberry & Elderflower Jam will only be available during the summer months, but if I’ve been lucky to store the abundant crops then you may well find Autumn Plum Chutney on my stall well into the following summer season. Thankfully the preserving process naturally keeps jams and chutneys for several months or years so you can stockpile for the coming months knowing your Seville Orange Marmalade will taste just as good in July as it did when it was made the previous January.